Through SOAR, youth with special needs will have the opportunity to fly real airplanes and be celebrated as “certified co-pilots.” By pairing the unique joy of aviation with achievement, SOAR aims to foster confidence in children so that they may soar towards their greatest potential.

What's the age range for this program?
Participants must be 4 — 18 years of age.
Can the participant sit in the front seat and fly as a "co-pilot"?
We hope to give each participant the opportunity to fly in the right front seat, known as the “Co-Pilot” seat, at the pilot’s discretion. Once the aircraft has reached cruising altitude, the participant may be given the opportunity to manipulate the controls until it is time for the aircraft to start its descent to the airport. Our goal is for the participant to have a unique and empowering experience. These newly minted co-pilots are then encouraged to keep soaring in other endeavors – because if they can fly a plane, what else can they do?
What about children using wheelchairs?
We will have a team of volunteers ready to assist, at the direction of the chaperone, in loading and unloading the participant from the plane.
Do you take youth with any kind of challenge?
For safety reasons, we are not allowed to take youth that have sensory disorders that cause adverse reactions to loud noises or vibrations.
Does a parent or guardian need to fly with their own child?
Yes, a chaperone must accompany the participant.
Does it cost money to fly?
There will be no cost to participants or their chaperones. Additionally, each participant will receive a special Co-Pilot Certificate and a pair of wings!
Will there be a wait time between when we arrive to when we fly?
You will be given the opportunity to participate in a thorough walk around or inspection of an airplane, just like all pilots do before each flight.
Will there be activities while we wait?
You will be given the opportunity to participate in a thorough walk around/inspection of an airplane, just like all pilots do before each flight.
How long is each fight and where will they go?
Weather permitting, approximately 45 minutes total. The flight itself will take 15 to 20 minutes from lift off to touch down. Additional time is required to taxi to the departure point and to return to parking. Cruising altitude will be between 2000 and 2500 feet.
Will there be food?
Yes, the restaurant will be open.
What about safety?
Safety is our highest priority. Volunteers will be on site to lead the First Aid Team. A Ramp Safety Team will also be present to insure a safe ingress and egress to and from the aircraft. This team will also ensure all others are in a designated safe area during all operations.
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